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The satisfaction level of the urban needs relates to rebates and packages but the rural needs are different. Water tanks in the Sunshine Coast, QLD speaks of this. Capacity speaks above all in this region. Large water tanks are a hot favorite in this drought stricken land. Large water tanks in the Sunshine coast, QLD speaks clearly about the severe water crises in this region. The Queensland Government too has come up with rebates and schemes to help promote the usage of water tanks. The Queensland State Government offers a rebate of up to $1000 for the installation of voluntary rainwater tanks but the rebate is not more than the cost of the tank and associated installation.

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 The main utilization of water tanks in Sunshine Coast, QLD, is for gardening and agricultural purposes. Thus, the large tanks with capacity of more than 30,000-litres are used. However, installation and transportation of these tanks is quite troublesome. When a vehicle carries a tank that has capacity of more than 30,000-litres then no other tank or equipment is loaded on to the vehicle according to transportation norms. Thus, the cost of transportation increases. Also maintaining a single large tank is disadvantageous, since during cleaning process the empty tank cannot solve the problem of emergency water supply. It is wiser to have smaller groups of water tanks than one single large tank. Water tanks in Sunshine Coast, QLD also serve another purpose. These regions are famous for forest fire. These water tanks in sub urban Australia and rural areas help counter the raging flames. Also, its special fiber –reinforced plastic tanks in these regions have been able to counter the fire problems. These tanks are fire resistant and can withstand great temperatures.


The use of specialized tanks in Sunshine Coast, QLD has become normal. The water tanks here are durable, fire resistant, and large in capacity to serve the needs of the local population. Gardening and agricultural land requires regular and continuous supply of water, which is not that easily available in the present scenario. Without the water tanks the fields and gardens of the Sunshine Coast will run dry. The rebates given by the government has helped the increase in sales of water tanks in this region. The packages offered by various companies and plumbing associations have made an important impact on the industry. The use of water tanks in Sunshine coast, QLD is necessary due to the present weather condition. Since space is not an issue in these regions, an individual can install both underground and surface water tanks. However, surface water tanks are more in use due to the large capacity that is required or the number of water tanks required. With the drought increasing water scarcity in these parts and the government imposing strict water restrictions in summer, water tanks are the only source of survival in these parts. Saving water with the water tank can help to solve many problems in the near future.   

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