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Water Tanks have now evolved to take up no valuable space at all. Water tanks normally take up quite a bit of room. Water tanks that are underground and out of site will probably make them the best looking tank you will never see. Our underground water tanks can be installed under driveways or courtyards as well as many other places. These water tanks are perfect when developing a site or just trying to save a bit of space. Call 1300 42 1200 for more information or a quote.

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Fittings and Configurations:

- 100mm flow-through barrel filter

- 25mm water in – for top-up system
- 25mm balance vent for interconnected tanks
- 15mm (to suit a standard 15mm electrical grommet)
- 32mm (water out)
- 80mm base outlet

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Toroid Fittings
Brumby Toroid Undergrounds aren’t just a water tank, they are an array of Solutions.
Brumby’s plastic water tanks retention fitting makes the interconnection of multiple water tanks and the creation of a retention/detention system easy. No matter what the discharge requirement of a detention system is, it can be simple and quickly achieved by drilling the correct size hole into the retention adapter to ensure the appropriate flow rate is obtained.

Bushrangers Toroid range doesn’t stop at a 5,000lt capacity. The standard configuration allows many ‘donuts’, ‘bagels’ or a combination of designs, to be interconnected functioning as one water tank. Therefore capacity of a Brumby Toroids has absolutely no restriction, and no matter how many are connected you’ll always have the benefit of a low-profile, structurally dependable water storage tank

  All Toroid underground plastic water tanks come with a collar and lid that can be fitted directly into the neck of the tank or can have an adjustable riser (optional extra) for installations deeper than 1.5 metres. The Toroid standard collar and
lid has a load rating of 500kg and an optional foam-filled version is available that increases this rating to 15 tonnes. The Toroid’s unique straightwalled, domed-topped, cone riser allows for the water tank to be initially installed, and for work to continue around the site, with the installation of the collar and lid being delayed to a later date when the site’s levels may be more apparent.

Toroid undergrounds have been designed to be used with either above or submersible pumps. The Toroid design incorporates an internal sump to maximise the efficiency of a submersible pump.

The Toroid underground flowthrough barrel filter minimises maintenance while the internal bars offer maximum child protection.


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