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Slimline Water Tanks

Water tanks that are gaining popularity are the breed of water tanks called slimline water tanks. These water tanks are made to be aesthetically pleasing while maintaining the same water storage ability as mainstream water tanks. Slimline water tanks have had a lot of money put into there design to maintain the integrity and strength essential in water tanks. Brumby slimline water tanks are designed with both strength and style in mind. Remember that water storage is the first purpose of all water tanks which is why our slimline water tanks hold more water than any other water tanks with comparable space saving ability.

As this water tanks name suggests on the name, these plastic water tanks are slim in size, suitable for both rainwater tanks and water tanks purposes.

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Check out the details of the plastic water tanks below:

Fittings and Configurations:

- 300mm RIO filtration system
- 25mm bucket tap (500mm up side wall)
- 40mm outlet at base
- fittings available at each end of tank

Installation Fittings:

Slimline tanks will be delivered with loose fittings for purchaser to install:
- 40mm isolation valve
- 40mm bung
- 25mm lockable tap
- 25mm bung

Slimline Water Tanks  



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