Making Water From Rain Water Tanks Drinkable

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We already know that we can make use of the water that we collect in rain water tanks for a variety of purposes such as washing, flushing the toilets and for our garden. However many of us have this question whether the rain water collected in the water tanks can be used for drinking. Water collected in your rain water tank as such is not safe for drinking.

There are number of reasons why the water from your rain water tanks is undrinkable as it is. Your roof serves as the rain water collection surface. Rain that falls on the roof is channeled to the water tanks. A lot of dust would have been deposited on your roof between rains. So when the water collection area is deposited with dust, fine particles of dust will move into the water tank even if you have a filter in your rain water collection system.

Secondly, your rain water collection channels may have debris and dry leaves collected over a period of time. When it rains, the rain water is passes through the dry leaves and debris. This again makes the water unsafe for drinking.

Thirdly, your roof would be a painted surface. When rain water flows through the roof, it dissolves the chemicals from the painted surface. This can make the water toxic. So you should not use the water that is collected in your rain water tanks as it is as it can lead to health problems.

However, if you want to make use of the rain water you collect in your rain water storage tanks, you can install suitable water purifiers after consulting specialists in this area. You will be able to make the water safe for drinking with appropriate water purifiers. You must also make sure that the water collection channels are cleaned regularly of dry leaves and of any debris it may have collected over a period of time. Make sure that your water collection system and your rain water tanks are well maintained to ensure the highest level of safety.

Though you do not use your rain water for drinking, it can be used for over 90% of your needs. You will be able to reduce your water bills by a substantial amount each month. You will need the community water for cooking and for drinking and for all the other purposes you will be able to make use of your rain water from your rain water storage tank. Do not hesitate anymore look for your rain water tank supplier to have your rain water installed before the next rain so that you can start using your free water. Your savings on water bill will soon pay you up for the money you spent on your rain water tank installation. After that, you will get free water all your life. Order a highly durable water tank so that you are not forced to spend a lot of money on ongoing maintenance.

Can Online Water Tank Reviews Really Help?

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When we buy rain water storage tanks for our homes, we certainly want to ensure that we have the best water tanks installed. With such an intention, most of us go online to search for the best water tanks. The number of options that we have today often surprise use if not confuse us. There are so many companies, so many brands in the market. The cost and feature of all these water tanks vary drastically. This makes the entire process of selecting the best water tanks all the more difficult.

Some of the water tank companies that we see online are Australia owned companies that manufacture the water tanks locally in Australia to suit the tough Australian climate, whereas others are not Australian owned companies, they are imported from other countries. We end up having more questions than answers, more problems than solutions while selecting our water tanks.

One of the ways that people try to resolve their problem here is to look for reviews and feedback on the water tanks online. This is indeed a good way of finding out how a particular brand fairs in the market and how good is the quality of a particular company’s water tanks. If the feedbacks and reviews posted are from genuine users, these feedbacks should be considered highly valuable as we get to here directly from the users that have installed the water tanks.

However, you cannot take everything that you find online at the face value. If you have been used to ecommerce and to how the online promotions work, you would have learnt to take everything with a pinch of salt. There is no guarantee that the reviews and feedback that you find online are posted by genuine users or customers. Those feedbacks can very well be sponsored feedbacks and reviews posted by someone that has been paid to do so. This does not mean however, all the user feedbacks online are paid feedbacks. There are many authentic reviews and comments. You should therefore carefully sift the information that you find online.

The reputation of the water tanks company will have a great say in this regard. If you are dealing with a well established and highly reputed company, you will not find such practices. Well established companies will have a lot to guard in terms of their company’s reputation. So they will not engage in such cheap practices of posting their own feedbacks. You will have to use your discretion therefore while assimilating the information you find online. Brand reputation and the feedbacks should be compared side by side. You should try to compare as many reviews and feedbacks that you find online to see whether the information posted online show any exaggeration. Exaggerated reviews and feedbacks should be ignored. If you want to consider online reviews, pick only those balanced feedbacks so that you will get a clear picture on the quality of water tanks before you buy them.

Important Features That Should Be Present In Your Water Tank

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When you are selecting your water tanks, you should make sure that it is meeting all your requirements to the last detail. Water tanks with advanced features have come into the market. You should choose water tanks with all the latest features. Here are some of the important features that you should look for while buying your water tanks.

Most of the water tanks come with internal support poles especially when the diameter of the tank increases. This has number of disadvantages such as health related issues and safety issues. So when you are reviewing your water tanks look for tanks with self supportive roofs. You will find water tanks with angle dissemination pivot. Water tanks with self supportive roofs achieved to angle dissemination pivot can span up to an amazing four meters without internal support poles.

One of the drawbacks with many of the water tanks has been that they come with limited installation options with single access hatch. Now with new water tanks that come with dual access hatches, the flexibility of installation can be highly enhanced. When you choose a water tank with dual access hatch, you will be able to interchange the basket filter as per your installation requirement. Therefore, it is always best to go with dual access hatch water tanks. This will ensure flexibility in future as well in case you should change your installation spot.

Today low maintenance water tanks are becoming increasingly popular for obvious reasons. You will have to look for water tanks that will work without any problem even without any maintenance. One of the common maintenance issues that is normally faced with water tanks is the blocked filters. Once the water filters get blocked, your water tank will get non-functional. You must have a secondary water-flow mechanism that will override the regular filter in case of blockage.

Your water tanks should be environmental friendly and they should be made of food grade material so that you do not run into any health risks when you use the water from your rainwater storage tanks.

Also look for water tanks with UV protection. This is a growing concern today in the health industry. So when you are choosing your water tanks to save rainwater always double check whether your water tanks are UV protected.

Of course, you would want your water tanks to blend well with the exteriors where you install your water tanks. Today you will get your water tanks in wide range of colors. However not all companies offer you wide range of color options. Look for companies that will give you many options for your water tanks.

You should also make sure that your water tanks are easy to install. Today water tank companies are coming up with innovative designs that allow homeowners easy installation.

Despite having all the important features in your water tank, you should ensure that your water tanks are not too expensive. Look for a water tank company that sells water tanks with all the best features at competitive prices.

Getting Ready For The Arrival of Your Water Tank

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Installation of water tanks is a long process and one of the important steps in the successful installation of your water tanks is the delivery of your water tank by the supplier. You will have to be well prepared for the arrival of the water tanks.

Before the ordered water tank comes to your door step, you must decide where you are planning to install the water tank. You must make it easy for the water tank supplier to unload the water tank easily in the desired location.

Select an ideal spot for installation so that you do not have too much of expenses in the installation of the water tank. Choose a spot that will use minimum connecting pipes from the roof and to the other water dispensing outlets.

You must clear the place where you would like to install the water tank of debris and any other clutter that might obstruct easy installation of your water tank. The installation surface should be flat and even the unloading of the water tank has to be done on a leveled ground. It is best if you can unload the water tank right on the installation spot. This will minimize the unnecessary labor involved in shifting the water tank from the delivery spot to installation spot even if it is just few meters apart. You must also clear the path so that the delivery truck can reach the installation spot directly or at least closest to the installation spot.

If you prepare the installation spot in advance, you can save yourself from unnecessary tension when the water tank you have ordered arrives. Many people order their water tanks and forget about it. They run about frantically to get the place ready only when they get a call from the water tank company on the delivery of their water tank. Such an approach will not only make you get tensed but it will also affect the schedule of the truck delivery person. It is your responsibility therefore to make the necessary arrangements. You must check in advance whether you will need to make arrangements for additional manpower for unloading the water tanks. Normally the water tanks are delivered by a single person which will be the truck driver. So it is important to find out from your company about the normal arrangements that are to be made.

It is also important that you be present at the time of delivery. So the exact delivery time with your supplier and make necessary arrangements so that you are present when the water tank arrives. This will save you from many problems like unloading of the water tank in the wrong spot etc.

Factors That Constitute The Cost Of Your Water Tank

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One of the reasons why most of us hesitate to buy water tanks is the cost involved. The upfront cost involved make many people think twice before they can part with their money. When you are planning to buy your water tank you must take in to consideration all the factors that will constitute the cost of your water tank installation. Here are the factors that normally go into the cost of the water tank installation.

First comes the actual cost of the water tank which you will normally see as the price in the websites and in the other advertisements. This is not the only cost there are other costs involved. You will have to go for other accessories that are needed for the installation of your water tank. This will depend on where exactly you would want to install your water tank. Depending on your installation spot you may have to prepare the spot; this may or may not involve additional cost as per your case. It is best to discuss your needs with an expert before you order you water tanks.

Next comes the delivery charges. Not many people bear this in mind and it often comes as a surprise expense that they have not planned for. So you must remember to check before hand the cost involved towards delivery charges. Unloading of the water tanks on delivery at the right spot where it should be installed will require right people for unloading. You should be prepared for this expense as well by taking this into account as part of the entire cost.

The next important factor is the installation itself. You will need to get a water tank installation expert who will give you the cheapest quote for water tank installation.

When all these expenses are taken into account, you will notice that the overall cost involved sums up to a huge value. This makes it vital that you find a reliable water tank supplier that will sell you their water tank at the cheapest price possible so that all the other expenses involved can be offset by the discounted water tank price. This does not mean that you go for cheap imported water tanks. Imported water tanks and cheap water tanks are not manufactured keeping in mind the harsh weather conditions of Australia. So you will soon run into problems in terms of your water tank maintenance and in terms of the durability of the water tanks installed. If you want to avoid such problems it is best to go for water tanks that will bring you the best value for your money. At you will be able to get the best quality water tanks at the cheapest prices.

Water Tank Installation to Enhance Your Property Value

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Do you know that you can enhance the value of your property by installing water tanks? Australia being one of the driest continents everyone faces water problems and everyone runs into huge water bills. If you install rainwater storage tanks in your home, this will become an additional value-add feature to your home. Do not hesitate to install water tanks in your home even if you are planning to sell your home in the near future because this will certainly boost the value of your property.

Many of us think that installation of water tank is an unnecessary expense. In reality, that is not the case. Though you need to spend a considerable amount of money in the beginning to install your water tanks, on the long run it will bring in a lot of savings month after month. When you install water tank it will pay for itself over a period of time and after which you can enjoy great savings on your water bill. If you are planning to sell your property in the next few months or in a couple of years still, you should not hesitate to install water tanks. When you install water tanks you will get tax rebates and in the subsequent months your water bill will come down based on the size of the water tank you install and the rain fall for that season. At the time of selling your property, you can increase the cost of the property for the water tank installation. Your buyers too would prefer a home with water tank as they do not have to worry about finding a company for installing water tanks. They will know that buying a home with water tank will minimize their water bills.

In the next home improvement project you must have water tank installation as a must add feature. Water being one of our basic needs, shortage of water for day-to-day usage will make us feel anxious and irritable all through the day. You can avoid all these mental anguish by investing in water tank installation. This will certainly be a value add feature by all standards, whether you are going to use the home for yourself or sell it later.

When you set out to buy your water tanks, compare costs between number of companies. Along with the cost, you should also compare the quality of the water tanks that you are installing so that you will not run into frequent maintenance and repair bills. Find a highly durable water tank that will withstand the harsh weather conditions of Australia. We have the best collection of water tanks in various sizes and shapes for all your needs.

Why Is It Important To Get Your Water Tanks From Australian Owned Companies?

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Are you planning to install a water tank to fight the water scarcity issues? You have indeed made one of the best decisions. However, you must make sure that you are getting the best value for the money you are spending on your water tanks. Today the increasing demand for water tanks in Australia has prompted many Australian as well as foreign companies to enter in to this industry. There are many water tank companies in the market however, there is no guarantee that all of them provide us with the best quality water tanks.

If you pick your water tanks without properly reviewing the quality of the water tanks, then you will end up with poor quality water tanks. Many people blindly go for cheap quality water tanks in an effort to save money. Though this may seem to save you a little money in the beginning, you will end up spending a considerable amount of money in repair as well as replacement work. When you go for cheap imported tanks the draw back is that they are not manufactured keeping in mind the harsh weather conditions of Australia. If you install your water tanks outdoors, you will have to make sure that you get good quality water tanks. Unless it is specially made to withstand the harsh Australian outdoor environment, you cannot expect long lifespan from your water tanks.

On the other hand, when you buy your water tanks from a reliable Australian company, you can ensure good quality water tanks that suit the Australian environment. They will be made to withstand the extreme weather conditions and they will be highly suitable for both indoor as well as outdoor installations.

Just by getting your water tanks from Australian owned companies will not guarantee you good quality water tanks. You will have to make sure to buy your water tanks from well-established and reputed companies. Companies can enjoy good reputation in this highly competitive environment only when they offer the best products to their customers. Therefore, the second criterion that you should use to search for your water tank company is good reputation. Not many customers take the time to closely review their water tank companies or their reputation. The mistake they make is to just look at today’s needs without considering the long term benefits. This results in poor review of the water tanks they are buying.

At Bush Ranger Water Tanks, we take into consideration the extreme weather conditions as well as the space constrictions of the urban dwellers while designing the water tanks. Therefore, our water tanks are of high quality while they meet all your needs effectively.

Establishing The Nature Of Usage Of Stored Water Prior To Water Tank Installation

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Not many people know that they need to establish nature of usage of the water they store in rain water tanks prior to ordering and installation of the rain water tanks. The choice of your water tanks and the nature of preparation will change depending on the nature of usage. Rain water will not automatically get into your water tank once you install the tank buying and the installation of the tank is just one part of the process. Before you buy your water tank your roof and your water collection area has to be prepared to collect water and channel it to the water tank. Some of us would like to use rain water we collect just for their gardening usage. While others will make use of the rain water tank for flushing and for bathing and other external use. Some of us may intend to use this water for cooking and even for drinking.

You cannot use the water that you collect directly for any purpose. The water needs to be prepared and made safe to the degree required for the nature of its use. If you are planning to use your water just for watering plants in your home garden, you may not require too much of preparation. You may be able to use your water directly. On the other hand, if you want to make use of your water for your personal usage, careful preparation is required. There are many factors that affect the quality and the safety level of the water. For example, we make use of the house roof as the water collection area. If your roof top is painted with some material, you need to make sure that the coating is safe. Sometimes we make use of tar based coating and this can spoil the quality of the water and make them unsuitable of personal usage.

Moreover, if you want to make use of your water for personal usage, you will have to spend a considerable amount of time for maintenance. The water collection surface and the gutters have to be cleaned and freed from debris, dust, dry leave etc. You should perform regular maintenance before the rainy season so that the water that goes into your tank is clean. Even if the first day’s rain takes dirt and dust to the water tank, it will ruin the quality of the entire tank of water. Any oversight in this aspect will make your water unsuitable for personal use until you drain the entire tank. To avoid all such problems, make sure that you engage in regular maintenance of your water tank. Moreover, make sure that that your water tank is made of safe material and is UV proof.

What Should You Know Before Buying Your Water Tanks?

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Are you in the process of buying your water tanks to conserve rain waters? Whether you are in rural Australia or urban Australia, installing rain water storage tanks has become more than just a fancy idea. You will be able to save your family from water scarcity issues to a large extent by installing water tanks. When you want to install water tanks, you need to take into consideration a number of factors

If you are in a rural location, then space for the installation may not be such a big problem but in urban locations you will have to carefully select your water tank. Thankfully, today we have many size and shape options. So before choosing your water tank, you must first decide where you are planning to install your water tank. You should select your water tank based on the availability of space. You must make it a point to physically measure the space available so that you can find water tanks that match the space availability. You should also take into consideration, water collection area and the rainfall levels in your area. If your rain water collection area is too small and if the rainfall level too is scanty, then there is no point in going for too large water tanks.

On the other hand, if you are going to get good rains and if your water collection area too is large, then it is wise to go for the largest possible tank that you can accommodate. This will reduce the overall cost of your water bills on the long run. By choosing the wrong sized tanks, you will end up spending a lot of money on shipping. When you are measuring the space for your water tanks, take into consideration the other factors such as doorways, windows etc so that your water tank does not obstruct other passage ways in any way. Remember, you must have enough space between the tank and the eaves so that you can connect filter and any required flush devices.

You must decide how you would be using your rain water. Deciding in advance will help you install the water tank in the right place. Wrong choice of place for your water tank installation will increase your plumbing costs unnecessarily. Careful planning always helps.

When you are choosing your location for water tank installation, you must also check whether you will be able to move the water tank to its installation location. Check whether the access to the installation location involves narrow pathways, gates, staircases or doors. In case you have narrow pathways, you may have to choose slim line tanks and small sized tanks which you can add up to form a single large storage unit.

The most crucial part of rain water tank installation is careful planning. Never order your water tanks before carefully reviewing your needs, purpose of use and space availability.

Installation Of Rainwater Tanks Will Make You Eco-Friendly

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Today every one is talking so much about becoming eco-friendly. Every industry is trying to make special efforts to go green and to minimize the harm done to the environment. It is high time that all of us started making our own efforts towards leading an eco-friendly lifestyle. Installation of water tanks is one of the eco-friendly initiatives that you can take. Though this is just a small step towards helping the environment, when everyone contributes their part, it will make a vast difference to the environment.

When it rains all the water goes wasted into the ground while we face severe water shortage problems. It makes a lot of sense to save the rain water that goes wasted to save ourselves from water shortage problems. Saving the nature’s resources effectively is one of the eco-friendly approaches. When we save rain water we will automatically save on the other resources that go into collection and transfer of water. This will reduce the amount of carbon footprints that we will leave. We will burn lesser fuel and consume lesser electricity in pumping the ground water.

There is yet another environmental benefit in installing water tanks. When there is a heavy shower, all the water that flows can cause floods damaging the creeks. When everyone starts collecting rainwater, the amount of rainwater that floods a place will reduce minimizing the washout effect and flooding damages. However, everyone needs to do their part to save the environment. We will be able to protect ourselves from floods and also save the water for the drier months.

We will be required to use lesser water from the ground and the rate of depletion will be slowed down. This will allow the earth water tables to replenish itself. Only when the depletion rate is faster than the rate of replenishment, we will end up in complete dry out. Nature has its own pace of restoring itself it to balance. We will help the nature to restore itself by allowing it enough time to restore the water tables. If this continues, over a period of time, Australia will face much lesser water shortage problems. At least future generations will be saved from such acute water shortage problems that are faced by us.

We will be able to plant more gardens when the intensity of water shortage problems reduce. Those who are keen in engaging in organic farming also will be able to get better results when rain water is used for watering the plants. As rain water has natural nutrients, it will reduce the amount of artificial fertilizers and pesticides we need to supply the plants. Plants will develop additional immunity towards the common pests when it receives all the natural nutrients from rain water.

We can go on and on with the environmental benefits of storing and using rain water. If you have not installed rainwater storage tank in your property, now is the time to do it. Do not postpone water tank installation further.

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